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February 28th, 2018

Why Do I Need a CRM

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dpp-payments-ipadDespite the state of the local or global economy, some people will find their debt loads too heavy to bear. The economy, however, is never static. Sometimes it rises, and at other times it dips. This constant ebb and flow can present challenges for anyone involved with debt settlement. Even debt settlement companies, who employ experienced professionals, might find the act of debt settlement challenging at any given point.

We should consider debt settlement CRM even if the economy is in the midst of an uptick. Not only does it offer an efficient means of handling debt settlement loads, but it can also help streamline the process itself. Ease of use and multi-functioning CRM software can also benefit a debt settlement company by allowing professionals to better use their time.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps companies manage their relationships with clients and partners. Debt settlement CRM software is designed with an emphasis on debt settlement. One advantage it offers is the ability to tie wide swatches of information to single accounts. For example, if we’ve negotiated a weekly payment with a client, we can store that client’s banking information in the CRM and retrieve it whenever we have to make remittance on our client’s behalf.

We can also store information such as their original debt, fees, or interest that may have accrued. This information is readily obtained by using CRM. It’s especially useful for debt settlement businesses that have kept voluminous paper trails in the past. By storing all of our clients’ information in one, easily accessible place, we’re cutting down or eliminating the need to print multiple copies and store them in burdensome filing cabinets.

We should also consider our processes of flagging and assessing accounts. Doing so manually can take time away from other projects. If our clients are numerous enough, such an act might not even be feasible. Most debt settlement CRM streamlines the process so it automatically flags mature accounts we should consider for debt settlement.

If our business is having trouble acquiring new clients or of convincing troubled clients to settle their debt, we can find options in CRM software that can help us reach out to our clients and educate them via email. Sometimes persuading clients to settle their debt isn’t always a battle. It might merely require a mutual understanding. Using marketing tools provided by CRM software might help us persuade otherwise reluctant clients.

All companies face a unique challenge when it comes to debt settlement. Not even debt settlement companies are immune from these challenges. When we find ourselves struggling with limited or reduced resources, overburdened by paperwork, or struggling to manage clients’ information, we should take it as an opportunity to consider CRM software.

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