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Leads & Prospects

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Automate the entire sales process and view an entire history trail for your leads and clients.

Five9 Dialer Integration

Push leads to Five9 for dialing and automatically log call details and create reports of activity.

Custom Workflows

Design and manage your own lead, prospect, underwriting and client workflow. This lets you keep everything custom to your company and not locked into anything we think you should have.

Custom Dispositions

Create your own custom call dispositions and rules around them.

Custom Fields

Create and implement as many custom fields as you wish to collect any information about a lead or prospect you desire. Any information can be populated into documents or emails.

List Management

Set filters and choose fields to show to segment your contact database into manageable relative lists. Share these lists across teams and users. You can also run Email Marketing campaigns to these lists.

Income / Expense Reporting

Create extensive and detailed income and expense reports for you clients and even give them the ability to modify them from the customer portal. Know exactly how much they can afford and what enrollment program they fit into.

Program Snapshot

Give your leads a program cost estimate and savings while your on the phone with them. See 12, 24, 36, 48 & 60 month payments at a glance.

Flexible Enrollment

We understand that the way you work might not be the way we think you work. DebtPayPro’s flexible enrollment gives you the ability to customize exact payment schedules for your clients.

We’ve also taken this one step further and integrated state program regulations and attorney mandated states, so you can be sure your always in compliance.

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