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Negotiations & Settlements

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Ready-To-Settle Report

This detailed report shows you which accounts are mature enough to settle. You can filter by creditor, account type, account age, or individual client. This lets you stay on top of the accounts you have enrolled and be sure your clients are getting settlements as soon as possible.

Multi-Pay Settlements

Pay our settlements by Bank Wire, Checks, Overnight Cashier’s Checks or ACH in a single lum sum or over a period of time.

Average Settlement Reports

See exactly what each of your creditors average settlement is and see how they have settled over time. Stop guessing or estimating your creditors settlements, know exactly what it is.

Client Accepted Offers

Some states are now requiring that your clients approve settlements before they are completed. Through the customer portal, your clients can see all the current offers and approve

Offer Filtering

Break down your offer list by creditor, client, offer type, status and more. See exactly what you want to when you need to.

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