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Student Loan Consolidation Software

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The Most Dynamic Student Loan Consolidation CRM Software Available!

A few years ago in the United States student loan debt passed credit card debt.  Today, it is the largest debt held by consumers which in turn, brings about a tremendous opportunity for businesses like yours to assist student borrowers in consolidating their federal student loans.

Student debt holders are fully aware and understand that they are paying way too much for their student loans, but do not have the time or knowledge to walk down the federal consolidation path.  It is time consuming, cumbersome and can be very confusing.  This is where you and your business come in.

DebtPayPro Student Loan Software has EVERYTHING your business is going to need to not only close new student loan clients in one call, but also:

  • See all outstanding federal student loans and dynamic repayment options within CRM
  • Email market to those clients
  • Create automatic notification triggers for those clients
  • Manage all monthly ACH and credit card payments
  • Track all affiliates with compensation templates and payouts
  • Send contracts out for electronic signature
  • Create permissions for user access

DebtPayPro CRM will offer your business more functionality, a cleaner and consistent user inner-face, while dramatically lowering your barriers to growth.

Calculate Accurate Repayment Programs & Quote Clients Live

Within the CRM and while a sales agent is on the phone with a student loan borrower, the agent will have the ability to collect certain information to where when the information is submitted into the CRM, the system will pull in all the outstanding federal student loan debts and display them on the screen.

Once the student loan debts have been pulled in, the sales agent can simply press “Save Loans” and the CRM platform will then land the sales agent on the client dashboard where the system has calculated in real-time all the repayment options for that particular borrower.

The repayment options within the CRM are dynamic repayment options which means the system will only display repayment options that the borrower currently qualifies for.  You will have the ability to see the new monthly payment, the total term of the program, and the principal and interest payments over time.

Manage all ACH and Credit Card Payments and Transactions

Not only does DebtPayPro software offer all that you need to originate and disposition a student loan borrower, it also has the ability to manage every single one of your credit card and ACH payments.

Instead of logging into your merchant account or merchant gateway each day to ensure payments are being processed, your staff can insert bank account information and/or credit card information right into the system and schedule student loan borrowers for automatic recurring billing.  If a client NSF’s, the system will send automatic notifications to both the client and one of your staff members so the issue can be resolved in real-time.

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Student Loan CRM Features

Custom tools built on top of our core platform specifically for student loan consolidation companies

Up-To-Date DOE Programs

Quote accurate programs and payments to your clients

DOE Document Templates

Your document library comes loaded with standard DOE docs.

Re-Certification Management

Track re-certification dates and manage client cycles

Payment Processing

ACH / Credit Card / eCheck Payment Solutions

Sales / Marketing Automation

Automate sales and marketing efforts to capitalize on your entire pipeline

Dialer / Phone Integration

Keep sales on the phone, closing more deals and tracking call performance

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