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May 13th, 2019

How to Increase Revenue with a Debt Settlement CRM

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You might not think of your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a demand-generation tool, but it is. A debt-settlement CRM should help you put the customer first and help you improve close and retention rates.

For debt settlement companies, there’s much more you need your CRM to do than just centralize customer contact information. Your CRM should help you track opportunities, gather customer financials, better communicate with prospects and make your teams more efficient.

While this sounds like it might be out of reach, it’s not. Today’s debt-settlement CRMs do much more.  In this post, we’ll outline how you can use debt settlement software to not only improve operations but increase revenue.

  • Use SMS to Engage with the Customer

    Compared to voicemail and eMail, SMS (text messaging) is quickly gaining ground to become the most popular form of communication, primarily due to the rise in smartphone adoption.  As a result, SMS can be a highly effective way to communicate with prospects to close a deal. Text a message to prospects that their sign-on agreements are ready to be viewed and you’ll inherently close the gap on the time it takes to bring new clients on board. We all know a shorter sales cycle will help increase the number of customers you’re able to bring on board each year, so if this is a metric you’re looking to improve—SMS is the way to go.

  • Your Debt Settlement CRM Should Import Consumer Financial Data

    Spend less time using a seperate system to import consumer financial data by finding a CRM that imports it automatically and syncs it to the customer record. Now, your customer-facing teams are logging into one system versus two and can view that data within your CRM whenever it is needed. The less time your teams are spending to gather data, the better. Instead, teams can focus on bringing in new revenue.

  • Use Segmentation to Send Offers to Customers and Leads

    Are you having trouble converting some leads into customers or do you have additional products you want to sell to existing customers? If so, your debt settlement CRM should include reporting that allows you to segment and target customer or prospect groups based on status or behavior. Use that data to send those groups offers or promotions to upsell products or close a deal. You can utilize SMS or eMail marketing to present those new offers and increase revenue via those campaigns.

  • Centralize Data to Empower Customer Service Teams

    By centralizing customer contact data and activity within your CRM, you’ve eliminated the need for customer-facing teams to log into multiple systems to serve the customer. Customer facing teams can solve issues much faster by accessing everything they need in one location. The faster you resolve issues, the happier your prospects or customers will be. With centralized data, like how many times you’ve called or emailed a lead or client, your sales teams get the status updates they need to warm up a lead, improving your close ratio.

  • Use Payment Management to Accept Payments Within Your Debt Settlement CRM

    Naturally, as a debt settlement company, you’ll need to provide a payment option to your clients. Look for a CRM that includes this as a built-in option or via an integration so that your teams are logging into one system versus two. Your CRM should also allow you to build the collection models you need, pay affiliates and track revenue with robust payment reporting. The easier it is for you to collect payments, the likelier it is that customers will pay on time, every time, also increasing your revenue.

If you’d like to learn how DebtPayPro’s CRM can help your teams become more efficient, improve client communications and close more deals, reach out to us here.

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