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DebtPay Insights

A Robust Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Platform


Create stunning visualizations

Using build in components such as bar and column charts, scatter plots, pivot tables, pie charts and more.


Blazing fast performance

Analyze millions of rows of data in fractions of the time of traditional databases.

Dedicated compute warehouse independent of the DPP Platform!


Create custom advanced formulas!


Create custom goals and alerts!

Create custom drill paths


Create custom advanced formulas!


Beautiful rendering to PDF or image


Built-in trend analysis and forecasting


Create custom goals and alerts!

Insights Reporting

Analyze, Track & Refine Your Data

DebtPayPro reporting gives team leaders, admins and owners insight into how your marketing is working, which reps are producing, your sales effectiveness and many other business metrics. Visual Reporting paints meaningful and understandable pictures of your performance. Our custom reporting tools help you understand company health and make smart decisions.

dpp features

See why 1000 Users from
100 Companies use DebtPayPro.

Some of our out-of-the-box reporting.

We'll keep you on track, informed and moving forward.

Client Status Reports

See how your files are transitioning through pipelines, how long they’ve been there and whose making it happen.

Payment Reporting

Create summary reports, future revenue pipelines, agent revenue reports, revenue attrition reports, cohort analysis and more.

Email Reporting

How effective are your email campaigns? Who’s opening them and are they converting? Do your auto-marketing and notification emails result in higher retention?

Call Reports

Create reports that help you understand your connection rates, messages left, ideal calling times and agent performance. Track client status changes from calls and outcomes.

Note Reports

Who’s entering notes and who isn’t. Notes are critical to ensuring teams with multiple people working on files, stay up-to-date and informed on interactions with leads and clients.

Pivot Tables

Pivot your list data to create summaries with different metrics and dimensions. Pivots let you quickly see aggregates and provides a quick snapshot of your pipelines, transactions, and more.

Conversion Reporting

How effective is your marketing? Should you increase lead volumes from Campaign A and eliminate Campaign B? Conversion reporting helps you adjust your spend and sales efforts quickly to maximize your dollars out to dollars in.

Pipeline Reports

Who’s expected to close and when. Create snapshots of your agents’ pipelines to anticipate future deals and revenue. Understand how your leads are being interacted with and how your agents close deals.

E-Sign Reports

Keep track of your e-signings. Many times a signed contract is the final step in a conversion. Understanding how many clients are signing your documents and who isn’t can help you better train your reps for successful closings.

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