Billing Policies


Billing Policies

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Invoices are created and sent out within the first 5 days of each calendar month. Invoices include your usage for the previous calendar month.

Example: An invoice sent to you on January 1st, would include charges for the December usage of your account. We do not pro-rate usage. You will be charged for every active user that has a log-in for the prior month. You can view your user detail in the CRM under “Admin > Usage”.

Account Suspension for Billing

Invoices not paid in full by the last day of the calendar month the invoice was sent, will result in a temporary suspension of the account until the outstanding balance is paid.

Every attempt will be made to contact you, so that you can make payment prior to suspension.

Returned Payment Fees

If your payment is returned to us or rejected, we will charge your account a $25.00 returned payment fee per occurrence.

We will notify you once payment has been returned and a note will be added to the CRM that your payment is past due.


Debt Pay, Inc. charges for all active users within the calendar month. In order not to be charged for a user, that user needs to have zero log-ins during the month.


Debt Pay, Inc. does not accept payment by check. We will automatically debit your checking account or charge your credit card on file for the invoice total within 5 days of the invoice being sent to you. If you choose to pay by credit card a 5% processing fee will apply. A valid payment method must be on file with Debt Pay, Inc. at all times. It is your responsibility to keep your contact and billing information current. It is your responsibility to contact us by emailing to notify us if any of your contact or billing information has changed.

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