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File Management

Manage any number or FTP servers to store your files. Share amongst other users of the system and use the assets in your website, email campaigns or attach directly to contacts.


Quick, Simple. The way calendaring should be. Use keyword searches like today, tomorrow, next friday, dec 18 to quickly find all of your appointments and tasks. Create your own event types and invite whomever you want. Calendaring at its best! Simple and functional to keep you moving forward.


Need to know who has been producing results and who has not? DebtPayPro has a multitude of valuable reports that let you see exactly how your company is performing. Create sales activity reports, contact reports, settlement and debt reports and more.

Creditors & Banks

Pre loaded with 2,800 creditors and 22,000 Banks, Debt Pay Pro lets you focus on selling and processing, not importing data. Need to add more, simply fill out a quick form and the creditor is in and available to your users.

Workflow Rules

Need to take actions automatically? Don’t rely on the actions to be taken by your users. Instead create the rules and actions automatically.


  • Send an email when a lead status is updated or a call action was created.
  • Re-Assign contacts to another user or team as they progess
  • HTTP Post to send the data to another third party system
  • Generate Documents and send to DocuSign.

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