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October 30th, 2017

What Do You Need In A Financial Management CRM Software

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Debt Pay ProHaving the right CRM software in place is essential for any financial company that plans to grow and expand. The better a software systems can handle loan portfolio’s and other financial management needs, the easier it is to scale.

The most appropriate type of software that can be used to manage your portfolio is a customer relationship management software that is designed from the ground up to handle all aspects of the financial management business. DebtPayPro CRM was built with this in mind, and our CRM is precisely what financial companies need to be successful and grow.

Here are some examples of what our CRM software is capable of doing right out of the box.

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Easily Manage Client Debt:

In addition to managing sales of vendors that you work with, being able to streamline the workflow on the receivables side is something that is an appealing feature that Debt Pay Pro has built into the software. The upshot is that there are certain things in the realm of client communications that need to be accomplished each month so that your customer base is prepared to pay. When you put together an efficient system that offers options and settings that allow you to manage a process that includes automatic triggers for most activities, you are actualizing the debt collection process.

Affiliate Management:

You may have a thriving affiliate business already. If you don’t have a CRM managing those members, your work can be more tedious than it should be. Affiliate management integrated into your company workflows allows you to save time and money.

Specifically, if you set different rates for different categories of affiliates that pass you leads that turn into sales, then managing it in a traditional database might mean that you would have to create new programming to cross-check your sales efforts throughout the payout period. With an affiliate feature in your CRM, it is much easier. You merely need to run a report that pulls both sets of data and handles the payouts for you. DebtPayPro takes care of all these complicated issues and makes the process easy to manage.


Managment of Payments:

Creating a custom payment plan for your clients that takes care of collecting, splitting and distributing payments is a must-have feature. With DebtPayPro.com you can set up single or recurring payments and manage the payouts.

Being able to accept payment from clients directly is built into DebtPayPro.com software. You can track ACH and most major credit card processors all within the software.

Acquire new customers:

Management of the sales cycle is the foundation of any business. DebtPayPro.com makes it easy to manage every aspect of the sales process.

  1. Create sales scripts for your producers that keep them on track with collecting the necessary information and optimizes their phone time.
  2. Create tasks based on rules and milestones and then assign them to a user.
  3. Workflow management that connects your process with file workflow and organizes files to match any customization.
  4. Email marketing helps you acquire new customers with detailed reporting on how your campaigns perform.

Other features of our software include:

  • Triggers
  • List management
  • Team management
  • Calendar
  • Call tracking
  • Conversion reporting
  • Pipeline reports
  • Sales metrics

A CRM that is custom built for your industry is always going to outperform software that is made for the masses. Make sure you are not missing out on a tool that could make the difference between success and failure and schedule a free demo today.

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