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Top Tips on Selecting a Debt Settlement Software for your Business

Published on July 15th, 2017

Image: Using Debt Settlement Software for BusinessWhile you may think of debt settlement as something an individual does to improve his or her financial standing before buying a house or a car, debt settlement can also be useful for businesses. While there are many types of software that all have similar goals, these are not all the same. Consider these five tips to help you select the right debt settlement business software for your company.

Make sure it is business-friendly

Since many individuals and families use this type of software too, many of the software packages available are targeted for this use. Make certain that the program you choose is designed to work for commercial customers.

Look into the tech support

While you hope that the software is easy to learn and use, there is a chance you’ll need some assistance. Good tech support (accessible by phone or email as you desire) is something that can’t be overlooked.

Check out the templates  

Since a big part of debt settlement is penning letters to your creditors, try to find software that makes this task easier with templates and “fill-in-the-blank” disputes.

Take a test drive first with a free trial

It is possible that you won’t know how well a program will work for you until you try it for yourself. Choose a program that has a free trial and give it a go before you commit to purchase or subscription.

Consider your unique needs and requirements

Do you need automatic reminders, client management or other specific services? Make sure you don’t overlook those needs as you shop around. It can help to create a list of “musts” and “desires” before you start comparing services.

While these tips for choosing debt settlement software are a good start, do your due diligence before you purchase any software or you sign up for a service to make sure it is right for you. DebtPayPro is a full-function financial services CRM software. Contact us today; we would be happy to discuss how debt settlement fits in with our range of solutions.

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