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January 15th, 2018

Best Practices: Leveraging Automated Tasks to Improve Productivity

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Image: Professional working on a computerThink about your typical day in the office. Are you and your staff getting as much done as you would like? Have you wondered what could be done to improve productivity, but have run out of ideas? The solution you’re looking for has nothing to do with incentives or micromanaging. It’s much simpler than that.

You need more automation.

Let’s face it, some tasks are a not an effective use of your worker’s time or talents. Why have someone work on a mindless, repetitive task when they could be focusing their skills and talents in ways that could grow your business? It’s time to lift the weight of certain tasks from your shoulders and focus your energy on being productive, not just getting things done. Here’s how automation can help.

Task Management

There’s always an endless list of things that need to be done. Prioritizing and scheduling these tasks requires lots of time on its own. But, what happens when your team loses sight of what needs to be done next, and something important ends up getting overlooked?

CRM software can help you and your team stay focused on what’s important right now by cueing a list of what needs to be done, and helping you prioritize more effectively. This means no more going back and tending to missed projects or details, which ultimately costs everyone more in terms of productivity.

Automate Recurring Tasks

Invoicing, time tracking, and payment processing. These are just a few of the redundant tasks that your team is spending valuable time on. Automating these tasks can make your business operations run smoother and increase your overall productivity levels.

Just think of the extra work hours that your team could be dedicating to important tasks like building customer relations, marketing and growing your business, if they weren’t stuck creating invoices, following up on payments and going over the schedule just one more time to make sure nothing was left out.

How would you run a more productive business with all that extra time?

Email Processing

Email. It’s a necessity of business, but it is also one of the things that will sap away the most time from your team. Reading emails, answering emails, the time invested in mass email campaigns, it just goes on and on. Do you know that the right automation software can take over these tasks for you?

While software that can handle all the mundane tasks of dealing with email is great, you can be gaining even more benefit from CRM software. Email marketing automation is one of these things.

Quality software will help your team in rolling out mass email marketing campaigns, and provide up to date analytics that will help to ensure that your team’s talents and energies are being focused in the right direction.

Are you ready to build a more productive team? DebtPaypro has the software you need make ineffective productivity a thing of the past. Contact us today.

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