Best Practices: Effective Customer Follow-Up

July 11th, 2017

Best Practices: Effective Customer Follow-Up

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Graphic - Different ways to effectively communicate with customersIn the debt services industry, it may take more than one contact with a client to achieve your goals. You may need to reach out two, three or more times to get through to the right person and realize resolution. That is why follow-up is so important. While you can take care of all follow-up individually, there are ways to streamline the process—especially using your customer relationship management software. Check out these effective ways to follow up with your clients and get the results you desire.

Connect on Anniversaries

Use your CRM software to keep track of important anniversaries like when a customer first opened or when they became YOUR client. Anniversaries are an excellent time to connect, and it is easy to make the contact message positive and inspiring.

Ask Questions

When you follow-up, ask a question so that your customers will immediately feel the need to respond. Requiring a response like this keeps the lines of communication open and encourages two-way discussion.

Always Include a Call to Action

When your customers finish reading your email or other forms of contact, they should know exactly what you want them to do. Finish off with a strong call to action that encourages the customer to make contact, pay their invoice or take whatever steps are necessary.

Make it Personal

While you may use your CRM to craft standard communication messages, take the time to personalize them. Going the extra mile and customizing your connections will make you stand out from the crowd and makes your follow up feel more like a message from a friend than “spam.”

While following up is important, you don’t want to be TOO pushy and risk alienating your client base. If you are concerned, you may think about surveying new customers to find out how often they would like to receive contact from you. Doing this will allow you to maintain that connection without causing stress to your clients.

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