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    Credit Repair Software

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    DebtPayPro Credit Repair Software

    Personal and business credit scores are always going to be a big part of everyday life for any consumer or small business owner.  There will always be a need for the repair of credit scores as economies change and industries shift.  If you are going to be in the business of assisting consumers or small business owners in restoring their personal or business credit scores, you are going to want and need a dynamic and intelligent credit repair customer relationship management platform.

    From beginning to finish, DebtPayPro has the technology and platform to get the job done.

    As a credit repair company, you are going to have several work flows processes to ensure that your customer is receiving grade A customer service and support.  You are also going to want to on-board customers quickly and get them into a program without hesitation or disruption.  Whatever the function or workflow process, DebtPayPro has it all in one platform.

    DebtPayPro is the most dynamic credit repair CRM software the country has to offer.  The software developers and executive team at DebtPayPro wanted to build a platform that did it all, from on-boarding a client to their entire paper-trail and live cycle through the program – from start to finish.

    DebtPayPro allows your credit repair company to:

    1 – Website and web form management

    2 – Complete CRM functionality with call tracking and VOIP integration along with text messaging.

    3 – Fully customizable work flow functionality from stages and status’s along with tracking different lead sources.

    4 – Create different programs you will offer a customer and track each customer in each program.

    5 – Document creation and PDF generator with electronic signatures fully integrated.

    6 – Complete email marketing tab with email design and drip email scheduling

    7 – Full reports and admin functionality where multiple companies and branches can be setup on a single permission based platform.

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    Leads & Prospects

    Automate the entire sales process and view an entire history trail for your leads and clients.

    Five9 Dialer Integration

    Push leads to Five9 for dialing and automatically log call details and create reports of activity.

    List Management

    Set filters and choose fields to show to segment your contact database into manageable relative lists....

    Custom Workflows

    Design and manage your own lead, prospect, underwriting and client workflow. This lets you keep everything custom...

    Income / Expense Reporting

    Create extensive and detailed income and expense reports for you clients and even give them the ability ...

    Custom Dispositions

    Create your own custom call dispositions and rules around them.

    Program Snapshot

    Give your leads a program cost estimate and savings while your on the phone with them. See 12, 24, 36, 48 & 60 month payments....

    Custom Fields

    Create and implement as many custom fields as you wish to collect any information about a lead or prospect you desire...

    Flexible Enrollment

    We understand that the way you work might not be the way we think you work. DebtPayPro's flexible enrollment gives .....

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    Negotiations & Settlements

    Ready-To-Settle Report

    This detailed report shows you which accounts are mature enough to settle. You can filter by creditor, account type, account age, or individual client. This lets you stay on top of the accounts you have enrolled and be sure your clients are getting settlements as soon as possible.

    Multi-Pay Settlements

    Pay our settlements by Bank Wire, Checks, Overnight Cashier’s Checks or ACH in a single lum sum or over a period of time.

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    Customer Portal

    Interact with, provide transparency and retain more clients with the DebtPayPro customer portal.


    Post messages to clients, share milestones, documents, payments and more


    Custom branding and domain hosting keeps your brand front and center to your clients.


    Assign tasks to clients to complete, allow them to upload documents to you and update required information.

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    Email Marketing

    Convert more prospects faster by sending targeted recurring email campaigns. DebtPayPro’s Email Marketing Component lets you get your message out fast, automated and with analytic reports.

    Visual Designer

    No programming necessary, design right in your browser. Insert images, choose your colors, fonts and text.

    Visual Designer

    No programming necessary, design right in your browser. Insert images, choose your colors, fonts and text.

    Document Management

    Create Killer Contracts!

    Load up all your templates or create your own in the system. DocuSign intregration built right in! Generate, Send, Sign. Accepting electronic signatures and creating documents and contracts has never been easier.

    Merge Fields

    Our powerful document creator lets you add merge-able fields for any information you have collected on your clients. You can create formula based calculations as well to insert dynamic content into your docs.

    Shared Documents

    Create your own or share with other users and teams.