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    Debt Settlement Software

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    Debt Settlement Software by DebtPayPro

    Debt settlement is alive and well in the United States and Canada.  With the economy slowly coming back, consumers are still having issues with paying down bills and making sure they are not 30 days late on their credit cards and banks loans.

    With debt settlement companies doing the best they can to assist consumers in either consolidating or negotiating their debt, there is a larger need than ever before for debt settlement companies to arm themselves with the best debt settlement and debt management software available.  From integrations with consumer bank accounts, automatic ACH and quick quote calculators, a debt settlement companies software needs to be able to entertain all issues and operations of a profitable debt settlement company.

    Debt settlement companies need the most dynamic debt software available to make sure their customers are being supported and managed the most efficient and compliant way as possible.

    There aren’t too many debt settlement software licenses out there for companies to choose from.  When looking for a debt settlement software for your business there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

    1 – How much is the software and what does that base foundational software come with? Many software companies will charge a small fee for the base software and then try to up-sell you on other tabs and functionality that are 100% necessary for a debt settlement company to do business.

    2 – What does the security system look like with the software company you are about to do business with?  Do they have back ups of your files? Do they have redundancies in place in case their servers crash?  Are they compliant with all regulations for offering debt settlement software?  Make sure that if you are going to use a third party software to manage your business that it isn’t going anywhere.

    3 – Does the software allow for you to operate the entire business on one platform?  Software companies these days are building more dynamic and robust software applications where running the entire day to day operations can be done through one platform.

    4 – What does the support plan look like.  Most software companies will force you to pay into some sort of support plan.  This is not a bad thing and actually should tell you as the purchaser that the company has a decent package for support.

    5 – What integration capabilities does the software company have with third party software platforms?  For example, does the debt settlement software integrate with a payment gateway or bank account?  It will be important for your software to have the ability to speak with other software platforms.

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    Leads & Prospects

    Automate the entire sales process and view an entire history trail for your leads and clients.

    Dialer Integration

    Push leads direct into your dialer and receive updates in the CRM when calls are dispositioned.

    List Management

    Create filters on your database to segment your contacts into manageable and relative lists to your workflow.

    Custom Workflows

    Design your own workflows, actions and triggers.

    Income / Expense Reporting

    Create detailed income and expense reports on your prospects to see the affordability of your program.

    Custom Dispositions

    Create your own custom call dispositions and rules around them.

    Program Snapshot

    Quote program cost estimate and savings while your on the phone with your leads. See program comparisons and choose the right fit for your client

    Custom Fields

    Design your CRM how you want it. Custom fields let you extend core contact fields into extensive applications.

    Flexible Enrollment

    Build your own enrollment templates that give you flexibly in your calculators and program structures.

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    Negotiations & Settlements

    Ready-To-Settle Report

    This detailed report shows you which accounts are mature enough to settle. You can filter by creditor, account type, account age, or individual client. This lets you stay on top of the accounts you have enrolled and be sure your clients are getting settlements as soon as possible.

    Multi-Pay Settlements

    Pay settlements by Bank Wire, Checks, Overnight Cashier’s Checks or ACH with single and term pay settlements.

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    Customer Portal

    Interact with, provide transparency and retain more clients with the DebtPayPro customer portal.


    Post messages to clients, share milestones, documents, payments and more


    Custom branding and domain hosting keeps your brand front and center to your clients.


    Assign tasks to clients to complete, allow them to upload documents to you and update required information.

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    Email Marketing

    Convert more prospects faster by sending targeted recurring email campaigns. DebtPayPro’s Email Marketing lets you get your message out fast, automated and with analytic reports.

    Visual Designer

    No programming necessary, design right in your browser. Insert images, choose your colors, fonts and text.


    Sent follow-up emails based on what your leads and clients have previously received and or opened.

    Document Management

    Create Killer Contracts!

    Load up all your templates or create your own in the system. DocuSign intregration built right in! Generate, Send, Sign. Accepting electronic signatures and creating documents and contracts has never been easier.

    Merge Fields

    Our powerful document creator lets you add merge-able fields for any information you have collected on your clients. You can create formula based calculations as well to insert dynamic content into your docs.

    Shared Documents

    Create your own or share with other users and teams.