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    Settlement CRM

    • Sales & Marketing Automation
    • Document Production & Processing
    • Payment Collection
    • Backend Servicing
    • Affiliate Management
    • and so much more...

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    Leads, Prospects & Clients

    Close deals faster. Collect sooner.

    Sell like a pro. Proven CRM Tools that help you capture, segment and distribute your leads, manage your prospects and convert more opportunities into closed deals. Integrations and sales automations help make your team more efficient. Manage entire client life-cycles, processing and fulfillment.

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    Negotiations & Settlements

    Settlement Forecasting

    Keep your negotiators pipeline full with our proprietary forecasting tools. Know which accounts to settle when.

    Fee Scheduler

    Automatically schedule your fees and collect them without worrying about clients having enough funds to cover.

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    Customer Portal

    Interact with, provide transparency and retain more clients with the DebtPayPro customer portal.



    Post messages to clients, share milestones, documents, payments and more.



    Assign tasks to clients to complete, allow them to upload documents to you and update required information.



    Custom branding and domain hosting keeps your brand front and center to your clients.

    Email Marketing

    Convert more prospects faster by sending targeted single or recurring email campaigns. DebtPayPro’s Email Marketing Component lets you get your message out fast, automated and with analytic reports.

    Real Time Open Notifications

    Push notifications when someone opens your email.


    Chain messages and create drip strategies to people that have opened your previous emails.

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    Document Management

    Create Killer Contracts!

    Load up all your templates or create your own in the system. DocuSign intregration built right in! Generate, Send, Sign. Accepting electronic signatures and creating documents and contracts has never been easier.

    Merge Fields

    Our powerful document creator lets you add merge-able fields for any information you have collected on your clients. You can create formula based calculations as well to insert dynamic content into your docs.

    Shared Documents

    Create your own or share with other users and teams.

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