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November 20th, 2017

How to Use a CRM For Marketing

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Photo: Image of Sales PipelineThe days of mass marketing with a one-size-fits-all approach ended with the proliferation of social media. In the current business environment, customers and potential customers are inundated with marketing material. They only have time and patience to spend a few short seconds, or less, absorbing a message before deciding to thoroughly read it and take action or discard it along with the hundreds of others that bombard them on a daily basis.

This sets up a challenge for marketing departments across the globe. How do we make our message stand out from all the other messages pouring out of the online universe? The answer is by targeting marketing efforts to the most productive segments with messages crafted to their sales triggers. This requires extensive data collection and filtering of sales campaigns and customer service data. With this information in hand, marketers create effective campaigns and tweak them as needed to garner stellar results.

A sophisticated CRM system captures and integrates the data your company needs to market effectively. More than that, it prompts employees to gain further insights into customers and the marketplace. Armed with a top-of-the-line CRM, marketing departments boost sales through effective campaigns and create custom reports that measure the results. Customer service and client retention are also enhanced, with the added benefit of customer service data being reintegrated into marketing campaigns.

Effective Campaign Creation

Customer-relationship-management systems provide the tools marketing departments need to construct campaigns that drive the right messages home to the right targets. The primary tools are focused targeting, effective segmentation, personalized content, and recycling successful marketing blueprints. These systems also make constructing campaigns more time and cost efficient by placing all the needed information right at the marketing department’s fingertips.

Even more, our systems help marketers assemble and analyze the customer information relevant to the campaign. This is one of the tremendous benefits because sifting through this information without an efficient system becomes one of a marketing department’s most difficult and time-consuming tasks. The software makes it simple to mine the data for strong targets based on their behavior and preferences.

Effective segmentation prevents wasting resources on a shot-gun approach. Sorting and creating targeted messages based on factors, such as occupation and geographic location allow the right messages to flow to the right prospects.

CRM can also show data on recent activities, social media activity, click-through from current or previous email marketing campaigns, order history, and preferences. Based on all these factors, marketing teams are able to create messages for very specific segment tranches.

Once an effective campaign is running, it is crucial to copy its blueprint for future use. Reinventing the wheel increases marketing costs. The software gives marketers the power to easily copy and tweak the campaign in the future, so the great results can keep pouring in.

Custom Report Creation

Before creating a blueprint of a stellar campaign, you need to know if it worked. Without reporting metrics to analyze effectiveness, marketing would be nothing more than a black box. CRM software helps decodes the black box.

Email reporting reveals click-through on email campaigns, tracks auto-marketing success, and answers questions, such as whether customers that are receiving specific messages have a higher retention rate.

Conversion reporting lets businesses know the ROI on marketing campaigns and plan spending accordingly. Esign reports show how many clients convert once presented with the contract. If a high number drop out at this point, the software allows marketers to delve into why. Call reports, sales pipeline reports, note reports, client status reports, and payment reporting offer vital data. Pivot tables allow multi-dimension report creation and shifting between and comparison of multi-metrics for in-depth analysis.

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