Top Five Must-Have Features for Financial CRM Software

October 31st, 2017

The Top Five Must-Have Features for Financial CRM Software

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Photo: business meetingEvery organization relies on building their client base to thrive. This is a given.

Creators of financial CRM software pile on attractive features to attract potential customers. Some of these added features are essential, while others prove to be ineffective.

DebtPayPro has made a commitment to improve our platform to meet your needs. We focus on what is important, and which financial CRM features bring you the most results.

Curious about what those features are and how they will improve your organization? To answer your questions, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the top must haves for financial services CRM software.

Simplicity in Integration

It is impossible to fully utilize CRM software if you can’t apply the features to your business. We ask ourselves these four questions.

  • Are the features functional? Do they have an obvious purpose?
  • Will employees be able to intuitively use these features?
  • Is it obvious how these features can be integrated in the financial services industry?


  • Will employees be excited about using these features?

If it doesn’t make sense, and it isn’t easy to use, your organization won’t love it. DebtPayPro has created financial CRM software that makes sense for your every aspect of your business.

Remote and Mobile Access

For most financial service organizations, having workers in the field is vital for success.

What good is your financial CRM software if you can only access it from a desktop?

Remote and mobile access keeps your organization on target and up to speed, no matter where they are.

  • Remote workers will have access to the data they need to close deals.
  • Remote workers won’t be left looking unprepared without access to vital information
  • Remote access lets you be on top of your game anytime, anywhere.
  • Allows you to expand your service base by employing remote service agents in locations around the world.

Integrated Analytics

Collecting data is one thing. A financial CRM software program that knows what to do with it is another.

CRM software must have the capability to integrate and analyze the data it receives in ways that matter to your organization. Integrated analytics provides tools to help you

  • Define strategies based on selected target groups
  • Analyze results over multiple channels
  • Offer reporting that streamlines your workload, including: payment and pipeline reports, conversion reports, call tracking and sales metrics.
  • Provide up to minute information when you need it. No more waiting for month end or quarterly reports.

Campaign Management

Strong Financial CRM software should help you build and run strong campaigns with tracking features that rate effectiveness, conversion, overall user performance and revenue outcomes.

Campaign management features save you time, effort and costly campaign mistakes.

Lead Generator Tracking

Your financial CRM software needs to be functional, and by that we mean that it needs to fill in the gaps and assist your workforce.

Strong lead generator tracking is essential for

  • Capturing leads before they slip away
  • Automated follow-up
  • Phone time user integrations
  • Marketing automations

Knowing what to look for in your financial services CRM software can make the difference between having a client today and having a client for life. DebtPayPro has the solutions you are looking for.

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