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September 20th, 2017

Why Reports and Analytics are Important for Every Company

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dpp-reportingWant to know how you can improve your business?

What Reports and Analytics Can Do for Your Business?

The answers are simple, use reports and analytics to make better decisions about your business.

The great thing about using these reports and analytical data is that they can help you to grow a business over the course of time. Reports can give you detailed information and data essential for company growth. An example is a call report. If you analyze the top producers and how many calls they make per day, and the call time, you have a blueprint of what it will take for others to become high producers.
Software to Get the Job Done

As important as it is to get solid reports and analytical data, it’s just as crucial to use a program that gets the job done. Trying to keep track of things like sales, payments, and leads by hand is just too difficult. You need software that will give you the information that you need when you need it. Let’s review some of the most important reporting features that you should have before you choose a CRM.

Client Status Reports

This report will show you how files are progressing through the pipeline. You can find out why a file is being held up and make decisions on how to move it forward. If someone is having a difficult time moving the files through their pipeline, this report will show you who needs extra help.


Email Reporting

You are going to want to know how your email campaigns are performing. Small changes to emails can increase open rates and clickthrough rates. The email report will show you which email campaigns need improving and ones that need a total overhaul.


Call Reports

What to know how good that list you bought last week is? Find out quickly how many deals have been added to the pipeline through different campaigns.  This report will also show you everything from call times to who is making things happen and is closing deals. This report is favorite among most managers.


Pipeline Reports

One thing business owners don’t have is a crystal ball. You can’t tell what the future will bring, or can you? The pipeline report can show you trends that will happen in the future. Want to know how many clients are expected to close over the next few days? This report has the answers.


Conversion Reporting

Want to know which company has the best leads and then buy more of them? Of course, you do! Find out how leads and channels are doing with this report. It may be a good idea to track conversions on a weekly or even daily basis.


By utilizing high-quality data provided by a CRM program, you’re able to grow your company to its full potential. If you notice that something isn’t working or you’re losing traction, you can make solid changes that work to get your business back on track.

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