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February 20th, 2018

Don’t show current customers new customer offers

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customer-1251735_1920We have all been there! An offer from a credit card, cable, or phone company that makes me an offer that I can’t refuse. The only problem is we are already using their service, and it doesn’t apply to us. Why can’t they figure out how not to send advertisements to existing customers? They have my billing address in their system. Why would they waste the money and create ill will with their current users? I think it’s just laziness.

Don’t get me wrong, lots of companies offer discounts to attract new customers, that is nothing new. But how does it look to existing customers? When are you providing a deal that is better than what your current customers are getting?

Here are a few things to look out for in your own business:

What offers do you have on your website?
Think long and hard before you plaster your website with specials for new clients. I can guarantee your existing clients will see this and complain. The solution? Set up a marketing funnel and only make offers to new customers. It’s not a good idea to do blanket discount. But some effort into your marketing and create sales funnels. This will give you an opportunity to laser focus on new customers, and not upset your existing ones.


Exclude new offers to existing customers on Facebook.
Why would a company run ads on Facebook for new clients and not exclude existing ones? Recently, I had an ad in my news feed from a company that I regularly order from, offering a 10% discount to new customers. This did not make me feel like they appreciated me and it makes it even worse, they paid to do it. The solution? Upload a custom audience to Facebook of all the current customers. Then exclude that audience when you advertise. It’s that simple.
Don’t send new offers to existing customers.
This should be obvious, just don’t do it. The last thing you want to do is send a mass email to everyone giving a discount to new customers. You are telling your current customers that you don’t appreciate them. The solution? Tag existing customers or put those existing customers in a separate list. CRM’s are useful for segmenting databases and tagging existing customers. If your CRM can’t do that signup for a demo!

There you have it, three ways not to upset your current customers.

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