Why is document management an important feature for a CRM to have

August 24th, 2017

Why is document management an important feature for a CRM to have?

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couple-in-debtIn this article, I’m going to cover three document management capabilities that I think are most important for a financial CRM to have. All three features are integrated into the DebtPayPro software. Document management is one of those features that are sometimes over looked when you choose a CRM platform. The reality is document management is something that is used every day when it comes to a financial CRM and there will come a time when you realize how important it is.

For me it all started during a manager meeting years ago; I wanted to review a few of our client’s documents and discuss how we could improve. Not one manager could produce all of the information for any of their team’s customers. Documents could not be found, many that we did find had no signatures, and in some cases, the documents didn’t have the correct client information.

During this meeting is when I first realized how important document management was to the success of a team and a company. It boils down to three key components.

What are the three must have document management features:

Build documents or upload templates.

Uploading or creating your own templates within the software was a must have feature. Every company has its own unique contracts and necessary forms that clients need to fill out. Having the ability to create your own forms, contracts, and sharing that within a company seems like a no brainer. DebtPayPro has its own document builder and has an easy drag and drop interface.


E-sign any document.

Having documents doesn’t do you a lot of good until they are signed and stored. Sending a document to a client and get notified when signing is completed and having that document stored within the system is an incredible process to have in place. You know exactly what has been completed and what has not. This is a must have feature and is built into the DebtPayPro software.


Pre populating the documents.

Automatically populating fields within any given document is a huge time saver and eliminates mistakes. Imagin any information that you’ve captured in the CRM automatically used to prepopulate a document. Dynamically embedding to create personalized documents on-demand is a potent tool. DebtPayPro’s dynamic document embedding is easy to use and implement. This feature will save time and eliminate costly mistakes.

In the end, document management is one of the most important but overlooked features. Learn how you can take advantage of the document management system when you take a free demo of the system. We can’t wait to show you what you can do with our software.

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