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July 1st, 2017

Is Your CRM Working For You Or Are You Working For Your CRM?

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Image: Using Debt Settlement Software for BusinessOne might be tempted to conclude that Customer Relationship Management or CRM software would be limited to companies that are selling a product or a service to an end user. After all, a customer is someone who buys a product or service and pays for it. Aren’t they?

Well, not so fast. Any business tasked with keeping track of accounts, even if those accounts are generated by and for other companies, uses some form of customer relationship management, whether it is software-based or not. That process is also utilized even if those so-called “customers” never buy anything.

One business that can derive immediate and valuable benefits from customer relationship management software is the debt settlement industry. Additionally, those benefits might not be what you would first believe.

Account Integration

One of the most complex operations in any kind of business is the integration of different data sets into a common result. For example, suppose one of your clients or customers has a credit report that has to be reconciled with their current financial accounts and statements? That task could be quite time-consuming without the right tools in much the same way digging the foundation for an office building could be time-consuming for someone equipped only with a gardening shovel.

Customer Relationship Management software is written specifically to combine and integrate data in ways that make sales more likely and more valuable to both customer and company. Once the key relationships between customer information types become clear, the process can be automated and optimized according to the business. For debt settlement CRM, this can make the difference between a losing a customer or gaining a customer.


When it comes to managing debt, time is a factor. Having everything scheduled and being able to instantly see the status of a customer can help manage these processes and set you apart from your competition.
Ask yourself this question, Is my CRM software designed from the ground up to manage information based on a schedule? Our software was built from the ground up. The sales functions, for example, are written to help account executives, managers and sales staff follow-up with leads, existing customers and even individuals who might be interested, but can’t buy until a later date. For purposes of debt settlement CRM, when the company gets paid is often more important than how much. CRM software makes sure important information is available on time.

When evaluating software for your business, it is important to find applications that can be customized for your specific needs, and it is even more important to find a company that can be counted on for support, information and recommendations for improvements to your service and your business.

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