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October 3rd, 2016

Best Practices for using our Student Loan CRM

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macbook-cdashboardData management is key. It is important to use statuses effectively and created lists in the Student Loan CRM that are relevant and usable. Setting up and managing ongoing marketing efforts through our student loan CRM helps you convert more leads.


We know it sounds like the same fluff you hear from every CRM company, however, we’ve seen some of the most successful companies in the industry with hundreds of sales agents and processors scale from 5 to 200 employees in months.


Staying in communication with your clients is a key component. It helps reduce your attrition, instills confidence to your customers, and keeps your agent engaged in their processes. Every interaction you take with your clients in the CRM is tracked, timestamped and reportable.


This allows you to know to who to follow-up with and when based on time-based rules, sales automation and event triggers. In August 2016, companies using our CRM processed $37M of payments across all channels. That’s a lot of business for a few relatively small industries. We help companies grow and succeed! We’re adaptive, we’re responsible, we’re responsive and we look forward to your future success!

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