Sales Management: Turning Leads into Customers

April 30th, 2017

Best Practices: Turning Leads into Customers

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Photo: Turning Leads into Customers - Call CenterBy using inbound and direct marketing methods, it is possible to build your lead pipeline to where you constantly have an influx of new site visitors and even leads. However, leads serve as only potential customers. How can you help turn these leads into actual clients that boost the bottom line of your business? We’ve broken down the “lead to customer” process into four steps that can serve as a sales management guide to you as you work to build your client base.

Build Excitement

Once you get a customer to your website or collect their information, what next? You need to create excitement about the prospect of connecting with your firm. How can you do this? It will vary depending on your exact service, but excellent content such as videos, blog posts and even live streaming can be a good first step. You do not want leads to forget about you, so a carefully developed email “funnel” may be a good idea too. Make certain you give leads a reason to come back and check you out again.

Define Needs

As you connect with these leads, you will have the opportunity to discover exactly what their problems are. Understanding the needs of your potential customers is a key part of sales management. The only way to do this is through direct contact, so put your best people on the job and find out what your leads have regarding pain points.

Address Barriers

You know that your product or service can solve many of the needs or pain points of your lead, so what is standing in the way of the lead becoming a customer? If it is a monetary issue, perhaps focusing on your financing options is a good solution. Maybe you aren’t speaking to the correct contact in the organization. If there is a problem, solve it.

Show Your Service as the Resolution

Your final task is to make sure that lead knows that your service is THE solution to the problem at hand. Make sure you remain visible—whether this is through retargeting ads, an email blast or other means of contact. It sometimes takes awhile to make the “sale,” but as long as you are seen as the best possible solution, you’ll eventually get there.

No matter what, as you build your leads and customer base you need to track your progress and make sure you are utilizing every bit of data available to you. The DebtPayPro customer relationship management platform will help you every step of the way. We are constantly rolling out updates and upgrades that will help you run your business and provide the best possible service to your customers—both new and established.

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